Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LUMC-PAW Mini Reunion Concert

On April 27, 2013, the Lagro United Methodist Church, on its 17th year in the ministry, has put up a small fund raising concert for the repair of the church's drum set.

The Praise and Worship leadership has put up a mini reunion concert with the title "Ceaseless Praise", which has featured the PAW groups that has led the LUMC Praise and Worship (PAW) ministry over the years.

Unfortunately, some of the pioneering members of the original praise band are out of the country and some are not available on the date so we could not gather completely the entire PAW groups.Perhaps, in the future, we can mount a bigger and grander reunion concert when every band member, former and present would be able to participate.

After Concert Photo Op

PURE RHYTHM From Left: Stephen John Aspiras, one of our original Praise leaders, RR Rivera on drums, Ghe Gomez-Negre on vocals, Oyi Negre on Bass. Missing in the picture, on keyboard Arnel Oroceo and Ghen Alivia on vocals (not present: Boyet Palaruan, Jane and Chellee Rizo, Rey Negre)

JUNIOR PRAISE BAND From Left: Arnel Oroceo on keyboards, Aaron Romero on guitar, Paul Bryan Cabada on Lead vocals, Pastor Jun Herradura Jr on drums, Micah Alivia on Bass (not present: Lowel delos Santos, Richard Almazar, Louie Regala)

PILLARS OF FIRE From Left: Greggy Aguinaldo guitar and lead vocals, Aaron Romero on drums, Oyi Negre on Bass, guest support (not present: Tochi Andres, JC Pabulos, Dong Jimenez)
ALL FOR JESUS From Left: Yeye Jimenez on guitar, Micah Tiburcio on vocals, Levi Alivia on lead vocals, Roseanne Aguinaldo on drums, JJ Alivia on vocas and Micah Alivia on bass (not present: Erika Tiburcio, Anitra Herradura, Lara Hernandez)

PRESENT PAW From left: JJ Alivia on drums, CJ Bangloy on vocals, Oni Cerdena on bass
PRESENT PAW From Left: Yeye Jimenez on guitar, Lisette Inigo on vocals, EJ Bangloy on vocals and Pastora Andrea Agovida on lead vocals

For the past seventeen years, the Lagro United Methodist Church Praise and Worship Team has been carrying its task of leading the congregation to a genuine worship experience and actively sharing in the church’s music ministry. They have been nurturing their God-given gifts, overcoming tests and challenges that have brought growth in each member’s spiritual life as each one rests on God’s grace, empowerment and leading. 
It is our humble prayer that the Lord continue to guide and empower us as we pursue our goals in the ministry of holy music. To God be all the glory and honor!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LUMC 31st Church Anniversary Sunday

The Lagro UMC has celebrated its 31st founding anniversary last February 17, 2013. Our speaker is the newly elected bishop of the Baguio Episcopal Area, Bishop Pedro M. Torio Jr.

The Lagro United Methodist Church Chancel Choir singing "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee"

The Organist accompanying the Choir on a Yamaha Clavinova
LUMC’s anniversary celebration is supposed to be on February 10 but since the bishop could not accommodate the said date in his schedule, the council has decided to move the anniversary celebration a week after, which has fallen on the 17th.

In comparison with last year’s celebration, this year’s celebration is less grand. We do not have a brass band unlike last year that has paraded around the vicinity of Lagro subdivision but just the same, we have the same intensity of thanksgiving and joy in the Lord for His faithfulness and grace.

The Congregation with candidate Alfred Vargas gracing the occassion
Praise and Worship led by the LUMC Praiseteam with Ghen Alivia and Ghe Negre as back up singers
LUMC Praiseteam Song Leader Ptra Andrea Agovida
The Congrgation
The Speaker Bishop Pedro M. Torio Jr
Awarding of plaque to Bishop Torio (from left: Rev Glee Ferrer, Admin Ptr LUMC, Bishop Torio, BEA, Atty Mar delos Santos, Council Chairperson, Mrs Emy Aguinaldo, Lay Leader and Mrs Thelma Japzon, Chairperson, Anniv Committee

May the Lord continue to bless His church and the UMC!

Monday, January 28, 2013

LUMC 31st Anniversary Motorcade

As in the church’s anniversaries past, this year’s LUMC anniversary has started with a motorcade. It is a way of informing the neighborhood in Lagro Subdivision and nearby places that there is a United Methodist Church in the area.

The Lagro UMC Members who participated in the Motorcade

The motorcade has gone inside Lagro subdivision, and around Barangay Greater Lagro, which includes the areas surrounding SM Fairview and Sta Lucia Estate.

Unfortunately, I have not joined the motorcade. The motorcade has concluded with an activity at the Centennial Park of Lagro Subdivision, where the church members have released balloons in the air as a symbol of thanksgiving for another year of God’s blessing.

Balloon Releasing Activity at the Lagro Centennial Park

Monday, December 24, 2012

LUMC Chancel Choir Cantata 2012

The Lagro UMC Chancel Choir

In celebration of the Nativity, our Chancel Choir had a cantata last December 23, 2012. This year's cantata was less formal compared to the previous years. The music genre was more on pop and jazz. In previous cantatas, we only had piano accompaniment but this time, we had the LUMC Praise Band to handle the music. 

However, our expert guitarist Manong Rey could not join us because of provincial assignment from work. Anyway, we proceeded even without a lead guitar. We only had a keyboard, bass guitar and drums but it was worthwhile although it could had been a lot better if Manong Rey was around.

On drums: RR Rivera, on keyboard: Arnel Oroceo, and on bass guitar: Oyi Negre

I had a little problem though because of what it seemed like neuropathic pain on my arms and hands particularly on my right hand. After several minutes of playing the piano, my right hand would become numb. It would feel so thick that I could hardly feel the piano keys anymore particularly with the upbeat and fast songs.

The Lagro UMC Chancel Choir

Anyways, I really enjoyed playing with the band to accompany the choir. It was a very wonderful experience.

Right after the cantata, we had our Christmas party. Everybody had a good time singing and playing together although we finished a little late. 

@ The Christmas Party

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Ang Bunga" the Musical Play

Ang Bunga Casts Photo
Ang Bunga Casts
This is the third musical play that I have written for Lagro UMC. In comparison with “Sa Sangandaan”, I have not used original music for this play but we have improved in lighting and stage design particularly the “Tree”.

Ghen, our stage director, has asked me to write the play last May but I have only started writing first week of June but I don’t know but it seems that I have suffered from a writer’s block. I just couldn’t get my thoughts together. Anyway, if I remember right, I have finished the entire script around first week of August and I have sent to Ghen a copy for printing.

The Director and the Playwright
Then, my computer’s motherboard has crashed that time. Whew! (That’s one reason I could not do any additional enhancement to the script) and then I have found out that the copy I have sent to Ghen has three pages missing. What? I know I have saved the script on my PC so I have sent a copy to Ghen already. It seems that I have not saved the file properly before the computer has crashed. I think, it’s already the last week of September that time. I’ve asked the director to double check the file but it has yielded the same result, incomplete pages. It means at least three pages are missing and those are the crucial scenes.

So, I’ve had to borrow a laptop from a friendly neighbor so I could re-write the last two scenes and send it again to Ghen right away in time for practice. Whew! That has been scary. It has taken me almost two days to re-write the last two scenes.

Practices have gone smoothly. Music is still with a live band accompaniment. However, I have only used pop music selections since dialogues and monologues do not need to be set into music.

The Playwright
I have found inspiration for the “Ang Bunga” script from Matthew 21:18-20, about the fig tree that the Lord has cursed for not bearing fruit. Indeed, the value of a fruit tree is in its bearing fruits. Same with a Christian, he needs to bear the fruit of the Spirit to keep a valuable testimony to other people. His enemy, Satan, does not want him to do so. He has released the seven deadly sins to hook the child of God and prevent him from becoming what God wants him to be. The play revolves around this concept. The cursed tree in the play represents a person who has died in his sin but by God’s grace, he would come back to life by the power of Christ in his life.

Scene with Mga Bunga ng Espiritu Characters (seated at the back from left, Neneng Jimenez, Noni Panganiban, Rose Reyes and Michelle Bamba)
Sina Inggit, Pagnanasa, Galit, Pag-iimbot at Katakawan (Lisette Inigo, Oni Cerdena, Abby Ojenar, Elijah Alivia and Yeye Jimenez
Sina Palalo at Katamaran
Mga Bunga ng Espiritu Characters (Kien Aby Ojenar, Angel Vinluan, EJ Bangloy, Karen Hernandez, Levi Alivia and Michelle Bamba)
The Band in practice
Main Characters: Rhodora at Hardinero (CJ Bangloy and Rev Rolly Abesamis)
The Make-Up Artist- Ms. Makki Alivia
Ang Puno- sa matiyagang paglikha ni Pastora Andrea Agovida
Ang Puno Characters
From left- Pastora Andrea Agovida, Deaconess Julie Ann Soriano and Ate Anabel Abesamis
Ang Bunga Casts and Crew

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Choir Sunday 2012

The Lagro UMC Chancel Choir with N. Arnel de Pano

In celebration of this year's Choir Sunday, the Lagro United Methodist Church has invited to speak before the congregation N. Arnel de Pano, the famous Papuri Artist who has given us Filipino Gospel songs like "Dakilang Katapatan", "Itatawid sa Landas", "Bilib sa Sarili" among so many others. He has been in the music ministry for so many years now. Arnel de Pano is also known for his cantatas and choral arrangements. He is a choir director.

The Praise and Worship Team has included his composition "Dakilang Katapatan" in our line up as our solemn song. However, I was not able to attend the morning service because I have been down with a flu. I have missed a lot definitely.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Our New Pastor: Rev Glicerio Ferrer

Pastor Glee
We have a new Administrative Pastor in the person of Rev Glicerio "Glee" Ferrer. He has been an ordained UMC clergy since 1990. He has finished his Masters in Divinity at the Union Theological seminary. He hails from Pamplona, Cagayan Valley.

He has been a missionary to Saipan of the Northern Marianas Islands. He also has held missionary work in Marinduque, Philippines from August 2010 up to May 2011 .

He has served in Del Monte United Methodist Church and Deparo United Methodist Church among others.

Pastor Glee's first worship service here in Lagro UMC was yesterday June 3, 2012, Communion Sunday. I attended the Vesper Service together with my Mom and Mylene. It was not the first time we met. In fact, we met several times in the past during QCPACE workers' fellowships. He had even pulled a chair to assist me before.

I look forward to a fruitful ministry with Pastor Glee here in our church, the Lagro United Methodist Church.